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The Mogyi Ltd.

The company was established 25 years ago, in 1990 by two young brothers from the country and its ownership and management soon became their lifestyle. A lifestyle with a determining basis of people-oriented thinking and maintenance of a familiar atmosphere. The company still belongs 100% to the siblings and as CEO-s they are also actively involved in the management. Although in the last 2.5 decades the team’s size grew from 5 to 800 members, due to its business structure - which is surprisingly horizontal compared to the size of the company -  and the permanent presence of the owners, Mogyi was able to keep the business culture that typifies the family enterprises and which could also be reckoned as its trademark.

Maybe this is also one of the reasons of the spectacular growth the company has achieved in the past years, which progression was eye-catching not just in its narrow, but also in its broader environment. The rural family enterprise is a real  success story with serious results, which made the company a determining participant in the peanut and seed segment of the European market. The company is present in 27 countries, from which 8 has its own subsidiary. Also in various countries some Mogyi products are market leaders.

Obviously - as a criterion of the continuous growth and expansion - Mogyi Ltd. uses and builds modern plants and warehouse centres that not just meet the highest quality requirements but also generate new jobs. The company works with advanced machinery and able to ensure the maintenance of consistent quality with its own laboratory on every production site. The company works by the following quality assurance systems: GOST, IFS, BRC, HALAL.

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