The heart of Mogyi

At the heart of Mogyi is caring, a constant desire for quality, and dependable control over production and manufacturing.

We believe in the expertise of our colleagues and in the power of community to build our corporate culture. It has led our family-based company to become a leader in multiple segments of the nuts & seeds market in many European countries.

We believe that nuts & seeds are gifts of nature and that our work makes the energy in them enjoyable for millions of people. The love of seeds nourishes our efforts to provide natural high quality snacks for every moment through innovative solutions and constant development of our wide product portfolio.

Key to success

Looking back over the past two and a half decades, we can proudly state that the brand story of Mogyi (present today in 27 countries) is an ever-growing success story. The key is that we dare to take risks, dare to operate and think differently, and conciously make use of opportunities while taking difficulities in our stride.

We look to the future with the same ambition and openness we had at the founding of the company. Our success constantly inspires us to develop our products and to seek innovative solutions, but without ever losing sight of the highest quality and the needs of our customers.

As an employer, the most important thing for us is respect for each other.

With this in mind we could to this day retain the family-oriented nature of our company. We strive to be a company that proudly takes responsibility for all its employees.

Our goal is to preserve and maintain a corporate culture that provides a solid foundation for stars and experts of the worldwide FMCG market to join us and reach professional fulfilment through our mindset, values, and aims.

Values that have determined our operations

We at Mogyi are proud that we have been growing and developing since 1990 by building consistently and keeping our core values in mind.

The values that have determined our operations from the beginning are honesty, family oriented thinking, openness, and integrity.


Family oriented thinking



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